Since 2004, WIE have been running successful Adult ESOL Literacy and Literacy  programmes.  These programmes are designed for those learners that have little or no English Literacy skills, so they are able to live day to day in an English speaking country

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The Workplace Literacy programme provides an opportunity for employees to develop their literacy and numeracy skills that are needed to enhance their contribution to the workplace.  Content of the programme will be based on their workplace requirement.

Employees who have raised their literacy and numeracy levels have shown positive influence in their family and community life.  With a strong literacy and numeracy skills, they could:

  • Take part in meetings and discussions at the workplace
  • Learn new and higher-level technical skills
  • Gain new qualifications related to their work, and
  • Adapt to the changing needs of their workplace.

Employees have also reported that they have more confidence in communicating their viewpoints at their workplace, learn new skills and have improved their ability to engage in every day life situations.

If you or your colleague would like to be assessed for this programme, please contact us.


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