Since 2004, WIE have been running successful Adult ESOL Literacy and Literacy  programmes.  These programmes are designed for those learners that have little or no English Literacy skills, so they are able to live day to day in an English speaking country

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The Workplace Literacy Programme is an employer-centred programme that will help to build and improve your employees’ English Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills for enhanced productivity and effective management of your workforce.  It focuses specifically on building employees’ literacy and numeracy skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics in the context of their workplace environment. 

ESOL Literacy programs build strong communication and conversation skills related to customer service and develop effetive communication and conversation skills for interacting with co-workers, supervisors and management. Workplace programs increase abilities in reading and understanding technical vocabulary related to: company safety procedures, manufacturing processes, and even company literature (orientation, HR materials, etc.)

“Without basic reading and writing skills, workers cannot possibly perform to their full potential.”
The Challenge for Business
Project Literacy U.S.A


 There are many issues or problems within a workplace that highlight low literacy and numeracy skills.  For example: 

  • Health & Safety issues – the risk of accidents and emergencies if staff do not understand or comply with the Health & Safety rules in place.

  • Quality issues – poor documentation, production errors, the risk of legal action and the risks to exports with poor quality compliance.

  • Communication issues – the extra time and money spent ensuring staff understand instructions, work policy and processes and requirements.

  • Staff issues – absenteeism, staff retention, high turnover and low staff morale.

Improving employees’ literacy and numeracy skills have contributed to: 

  • Improved health and safety compliance.

  • Improved staff retention and attendance rates.

  • Reductions in error rates and re-work.

  • Higher quality work.

“When your employees can’t read memos or communicate with customers and Supervisors, your business suffers.  When on-the-job accidents occur because your employees can’t read or understand a safety warning, your business pays.”

The Challenge for Business
Project Literacy U.S.A



WIE offers quality and diversity in its students, staff and courses. There are two programmes on offer.

v  ESOL-based Workplace Literacy Programme: This programme is for employees who are speakers of English as a Second Language (ESOL).  The employees will learn to improve their English Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills and gain increased confidence with the language and practical understanding of subjects relating to common everyday situations.  Topics taught will be based on practical communication English for the workplace incorporating their work environment.  Employees will also be taught practical skills for living and working in New Zealand.  This will ensure successful employment and settlement of new migrant employees.

v  Workplace Literacy Programme: This programme is offered to all employees who require support to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.  Topics will be based on their relevant workplace environment. 



  • We offer quality English tuition from highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic English teachers (native and bilingual speakers).

  • A wide range of quality courses and programmes including General English at 6 levels (academic and general).

  • Credibility and integrity - All courses are approved and accredited by the New Zealand government - NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority). WIE is also a Member of Waikato Education International and Education NZ.

  • Each programme can be tailored to suit employers’ needs.

  • Flexible training delivery site – Either on-site or off-site at our campus.  On site training available or use our school’s facilities which includes comfortable classrooms, student lounge and kitchen area, resource/library area, audio and video rooms, and free local telephone service.



 Government funding is available for Literacy, Language and Numeracy training integrated with vocational/workplace training to help workers meet their employment training needs.  This funding is called Workplace Literacy Fund (WPL Fund) and is administered by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).  The aim of the WPL Fund is to assist employers to provide their employees with English language, literacy and numeracy skills training at workplaces.  As such, Employers do not have to contribute financially.  However, a firm commitment and support for the programme is required.


Based on surveys and interviews conducted with employers who have implemented workplace programmes, the following list of benefits to the businesses and/or employers have been identified: 

  • Reduced time per task and greater efficiency

  • Written instructions followed

  • Improvements to product and service quality

  • Increased employee accuracy

  • Better customer relations

  • Better team performance

  • Better workforce morale

  • Improved health and safety

  • Equal employment opportunities implemented

  • Increased ability to handle on the job training and faster training results

  • Less absenteeism

If your company or business is in the following industries and are keen to improve employees’ literacy and numeracy skills, please contact us and we will help you to achieve improved communication and a more productive workforce:

·         Agriculture, Horticulture and Seafood industries

·         Building and Construction, Infrastructure, Environmental Care and Waste Management

·         Business Management, Administration, Human Resources and Marketing

·         Finance and Property Services

·         Health and Community Services

·         Sales, Retail and Personal Services

·         Transport, Logistics, Warehousing and Postal Services 


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