Since 2004, WIE have been running successful Adult ESOL Literacy and Literacy  programmes.  These programmes are designed for those learners that have little or no English Literacy skills, so they are able to live day to day in an English speaking country

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Workplace ESOL Literacy Programme

v       Workplace ESOL Literacy Programme: This programme is for employees who are speakers of English as a Second Language (ESOL).  The employees will learn to improve their English Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills and gain increased confidence with the language and practical understanding of subjects relating to common everyday situations.  Topics taught will be based on practical communication English for the workplace incorporating their work environment.  Employees will also be taught practical skills for living and working in New Zealand.  This will ensure successful employment and settlement of new migrant employees.

Workplace ESOL Literacy programs benefit businesses through:

More skillful employees saving time and money, and improving performance and productivity Improved health and safety record as employees better understand policies and procedures Increased employee retention as employees realize the investment being made in their success

Workplace ESOL Literacy programs programs benefit employees through:

Opportunities to demonstrate their drive to succeed and contribute to the workforce
Clear growth plans within the company for dedicated entry-level employees
Classroom test tools that can detail needed areas for training and improvement

Workplace ESOL Literacy programs build strong communication and conversation skills related to customer service and develop effetive communication and conversation skills for interacting with co-workers, supervisors and management. Workplace programs increase abilities in reading and understanding technical vocabulary related to: company safety procedures, manufacturing processes, and even company literature (orientation, HR materials, etc.)



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